About Us

Stray Cats

Our Mission

SALT Rescue Organization is committed to assisting with reducing the pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering cats/dogs that come into our care.  We educate the public regarding the importance of ensuring their pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped by networking at public forums and schools.  SALT Rescue Organization is committed to making a difference in the life of each animal we come across!

Our Story

SALT Rescue Organization originated in November 2017 and wants to make a difference!  It is essential that we participate in finding a solution to the overpopulation of pets.  Many of our volunteers have been in the animal rescue business for over 20 years and realize that pet overpopulation is a consistent problem.  SALT Rescue Organization received their charitable status on January 25, 2018, and can now issue tax receipts to donors.

Our story is like that of many other rescues, the need for more organizations to assist in the spaying/neutering of pets to reduce the population is a continuing effort for all involved.

Meet the Team

Bonnie Smith, Founder & CEO

I have been invested with animal rescue for most of my life.  Every day I have learned to approach each problem with a solution.  What an amazing journey I have had meeting extraordinary people (volunteers), helping homeless animals and working with amazing veterinarians.  I am so proud to lead this organization so that we may “make a difference” in every animal’s life that we encounter.

Tanya Ullyatt, Vice President

Mary LaPier, Chief Financial Officer

My life-long love of animals began while growing up on a dairy farm surrounded by all types of animals. I have informally been volunteering with animals at a grassroots level my entire life. Over the years, many cats in need have found their way to me. I currently share my home with a beautiful tabby that wandered into my backyard and found a place in my heart. In my neighborhood, I have rescued many kittens that have lost their way and found loving homes for them. As well, I have assisted neighborhood pet owners in need-whether it is providing pet food, transportation to a vet appointment or financial help for treatment of a pet that was out of an owner’s reach. I was excited to be asked to be a volunteer with the SALT Rescue Organization. I believe our volunteers will be the cornerstone of our success. I have recently joined the ranks of the newly retired and look forward to devoting my new found time and energy to making our community a better place for our furry friends.

Next Steps…

Want to join our team? We are always in need of volunteers and foster homes! Click on the links below to learn more.