More Foster Homes are needed!


We are always in need of additional foster homes for mothers and kittens and adult cats. If you can help, please call 519-719-7133.

*For safety purposes, fostering applications for expecting mothers or kittens will only be considered from homes with no dogs or small children. Please contact Bonnie directly for more information: 519-719-7133.

For every furry friend that goes into a foster home, it allows us to rescue another animal in need. Foster families are such an important part of our success at S.A.L.T.!

We’ve tailored our foster program to make it as easy as possible for our foster families. We’ll work with you to find the best match for your home and lifestyle. Weโ€™ll also take into consideration if you have other pets in the home and if you have the capacity to keep animals separate. You’ll have our support all along the way.

Discover how incredibly fulfilling AND fun it can be to foster a pet!

Support for Foster Homes

In exchange for providing a safe, comfortable “place to crash”, our foster homes receive:

  • Pet Food
  • Litter
  • Initial training as needed to provide the best care possible
  • Veterinary appointments as required (note that all appointments take place at our designated vet offices)
  • Ongoing advice and support from the S.A.L.T. team until the cat, kitten or dog is adopted to their forever home
  • Immense satisfaction and all the good feelings that come from helping an animal in need!

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How Fostering Works

Foster families help us to learn more about each animal’s individual personality. We’ll know how they adjust to home life outside of a typical shelter environment. This is valuable information to interested adopters! 

We assign and match your home with one of our pets in need of a temporary place to stay. Have a particular cat or dog in mind that you saw on our website or on our Facebook page? Make sure to let us know and we will do our best to determine if its a good match!

Foster homes provide the ideal temporary home for animals that need that little bit of extra time to be ready for their forever home. Some of the animals that come into our care have been through less-than-perfect circumstances. They may need time to trust again and recover. What better way to do this than in a home with lots of socialization opportunities, attention, care and cuddles!

Fostering can be a great option if you are unsure you would like to become a “full-time” pet parent just yet or cannot commit for the long-term for a pet.

Once a furry friend in foster care is deemed ready by S.A.L.T. – we get to work on adoption “marketing” to find their forever home!

*** We have several adult cats that still need foster homes: please contact us to fill out a Foster Home Application or contact Bonnie at 519-719-7133 ***

Special Needs

Are you able to provide extra care for a pet with special needs? We have medical or special needs animals who are in need of a foster home. Cases range from animals in surgical or orthopedic recovery needing 4-8 weeks of in-home rest to animals in need of a hospice home. Training to provide the best support and care is provided.

Fostering Policy

Interested foster parents are encouraged to contact Bonnie directly at 519-719-7133. Those interested must also submit a completed application form. Once reviewed and approved, we start the assignment process as described above. Thank you so much for you interest in our foster program!

Please note that all animals remain under the overall care of S.A.L.T. while in foster care, and may be taken out of the foster care home at anytime.

We require to visit your home occasionally for check-ups on the animal’s progress, take photos for adoption pages, etc. We will provide you with plenty for notice of these visits and will visit at a day/time that works well for both yourself and the S.A.L.T. team.

Foster animals may need to attend veterinary appointments or other medical needs while they are in your care; we would advise you ahead of time of any required appointment. While it is ideal for the foster family to personally take them to appointments, in the event this isn’t possible we will arrange to transport them to and from the appointment.

Foster-to-Adopt Transition: Many of our foster families end up falling in love with their furry guest and wish to transition out of fostering so they can be that animal’s forever home. Please note that adoption application and associated adoption fee still applies to a foster home that wishes to formally adopt the foster animal in their care.

Effective on the day of formal adoption, S.A.L.T no longer provides financial support for the cat, dog or kitten – this includes medical, veterinary care, medications, food and litter.