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Save the Date! S.A.L.T Rescue Organization’s Spring Online Auction is being held March March 8th through March 18th 2021

It is time to start planning for our Spring On-line Auction. We will work with MaxSold as they continue to offer charitable groups a commission-free service. We are also pleased to let you know that anyone who donates an item that sells in the auction will receive a tax receipt for the actual price for which the goods sold. That may be incentive if you are talking to people about potential new or nearly- new items they may wish to donate. If you are receiving any goods, please ensure that you pass along the full contact information for the donor so that we can get them their receipt and offer formal thanks, outside of the auction site. Right now the plan is to have the auction run from March March 8th through March 18th, with a pick up date of Sat, March 20th. This will fall ahead of Easter, so any Easter themed or Spring/Summer items would all be perfect. We will run another Fall Auction, so if donors are offering items more appropriate for that time, please accept on our behalf and we will arrange for storage Please text Catherine Young at (519) 681 1044 for any further information or to arrange for pick up or drop off of donations.

More Foster Homes are needed!