Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Acorn (1, Male) & Sugar (3, Female)

  • Acorn is Male, Sugar is Female
  • Acorn is 1 Year Old, Sugar is 3 Years Old
  • Bonded Pair – They are inseparable best friends

Hey guys!

I am a foster mom and have been fostering Sugar for 4 months and Acorn for 2 months. They have since become best of friends. I am here sharing a long story of these two adorable kitties with the hope of finding a forever home for them together.

Sugar is a 3-4-year old female tri-color cat. She was found in a home building supply yard with her 6 kittens. When SALT took her to the vet, they found her injured with a pellet in her leg that was shot by someone using a BB gun. Because of the terrible experience, she was really defensive and fearful of people. When I first met her, she was hiding under the bed for three days without eating and would hiss if I tried to approach her. It took two months for Sugar to become more comfortable with her house but still required a lot more time to build a relationship with me. A big change happened after Acorn came to my home. When she saw that I could pet Acorn and play with him, Sugar slowly opened her mind. Now, Sugar does not run away nor hide for the whole day. She loves to lay down and relax more than anything. I can pet Sugar while she is eating or sleeping. She loves to be petted by the chin and her back but not for too long.

Acorn is a 1-year-old male orange tabby cat. He is a young curious and energetic guy who loves to play with anything. He is also very timid because he would sometimes run away when I stand up. However, it is not hard to become friends with Acorn if you use toys. He is a cute troublemaker and gets jealous easily. He always interrupts me and Sugar if I pet Sugar but not him. He loves to be pet everywhere except the belly. He loves to eat, to use a scratcher, and to look outside through a window.

Sugar and Acorn’s relationship is like a big sister and young brother. Acorn always follows Sugar wherever she goes and whatever she does. They are inseparable and are best friends for each other. Because they are together, they can fill each other’s voids. You will need a lot of patience for them, but eventually, they will open up to you. I am so happy for their progress so far and hope that they will live happily ever after with their forever home. Please contact us if you need more information about them!