Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Anchovy & Cobain

  • Anchovy and Cobain are a bonded pair looking for a home together
  • Anchovy and Cobain are approximately 6 months old
  • They are both white and brown tabby domestic shorthairs
These two love to snuggle together
He knows he’s a handsome little man!

Meet Anchovy and Cobain! They are both 6-month-old white and brown tabbies. They are best friends and a bonded pair looking for a home together.

Anchovy is a goofball and loves to play and be around other cats. Cobain is a bit shy but is still affectionate. These two may need some time to adjust to a new home but they’re both sweet and seek out attention.

Anchovy and Cobain have found their home!