Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario


Andy is an affectionate, playful one-year old tabby who loves being pet and held. He has the energy of a kitten: when he is awake, he is very active and loves to play; but when he is tired, he will sleep for several hours at a time. He will often fall asleep right on your chest or curl up next to you on the couch. Andy spent the first year of his life with an owner who was home alone with him every day, and he would do best with a quiet family that will be able to give him the same level of affection and attention.

Given that Andy has not spent much time around other people or animals, he may be shy when you first meet him. But if you approach him with patience (and maybe some treats), he will quickly warm up to you. He is the sweetest cat, and he needs to be in a home where he will be spoiled and loved, and where there is not much commotion. Andy is fully vaccinated and neutered. He has spent time with one gentle dog, and they have gotten along great. However, he has not yet been exposed to other cats. Andy is an indoor cat.