Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Avianna & Cecilia

  • Avianna (Ava) and Cecilia (Cece) are looking for a home together
  • They’ll need a patient family to help them adjust and would appreciate being the only pets in the house
  • Ava is a 3-year-old calico
  • Cece is a 4-year-old tabby
Ava is in the front and Cece is peeking behind

Meet Ava & Cece! Ava is a 3-year-old calico and Cece is a 4-year-old tabby. These two were surrendered to SALT and are now looking for a home together.

Ava is affectionately called Ava Von Beeps for the cute noises she makes when she’s happy. She has a big personality and likes to talk to the volunteers at the adoption centre. She is curious and enjoys exploring. Avianna is a cuddle bug and is the best partner for an afternoon nap or nighttime TV. If you let her, she will sleep with you most nights.

Cecilia or Cece is an independent tabby cat. She doesn’t particularly like to be pet but she is happy to lounge in the window or sleep beside you on the couch. She is active and likes her toys. She takes a bit to trust her humans but can be won over by treats (she likes wet food, no crunchy snacks). Cecilia is very scared right now and will take a patient owner to make her feel comfortable.

These ladies are best friends and Cece often looks to Ava for encouragement and reassurance that everything is okay. They love to butt heads and often walk together with their tail intertwined (possibly the cutest thing you will ever see!). Both kitties love to play and eat wet food with their dinner. They would do best as the only pets in the house.

These two are the best of both worlds; a cuddly, affectionate cat and a cat with a little ‘tabby-tude’. This sweet duo has found their forever home!

Little Cece can’t wait to find a safe and comfortable place to call home!