Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Brun (9 months, Male) & Bandit (9 months, Female)

  • Brun is Male and Bandit is Female
  • Both are 9 months old, born around September 22, 2020
  • They are siblings but not bonded and can be adopted separately

Meet Brun and Bandit! They are siblings but are not bonded. Their approximate birthdate is Sept. 22/20.

Brun is a very active fun-loving little boy. After being rescued at 5mo from outdoors, he is a bit timid but coming around to human touch, in particular with his human foster dad. He is very food and technology-motivated and will happily jump up next to you to watch a bird video or chase a laser pointer. He would do well in a home with an older friendly cat as he loves the older cats at his foster home. He has never been around dogs.

Bandit is a diva who knows what she wants. She is timid but will get your attention in her own way. She is extremely active and loves to chase other cats and string— if it can be batted around, it is a toy! She is fascinated by the computer and will watch a bird video. She seems to feel safer with other cats around and thus would do better in a house with another cat. She has never been around dogs.

The one on the grey blanket is Brun. The one on the sofa is Bandit.