Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Buddy – 2, Male

  • Male
  • 2 Years Old
  • Loves attention

Meet “Buddy”. Buddy has had a difficult life, living it outside and often fighting for his life. He is currently living with a foster family, who are keeping him separated from their own cat, but they sniff each other and meow on opposite sides of the door! Buddy does not hiss or growl when they try to introduce them. He is a sweet guy who deserves a safe home and lots of love.

Buddy is around 2 years old and he recently had surgery on a paw, but he is doing well and shows no signs of distress. He has a nice disposition and loves all the head scratches he can get. He will follow you around the house for some positive attention, and loves warm comfy beds. Buddy loves food and is not picky, gobbling whatever you put in front of him!