Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Cindy – 10, Female

  • Female
  • 10 years old, Born on January 1, 2010
  • Special needs: FIV+, one eye, missing teeth, needs soft food

 “Cindy” (aka Cindy cyclops)

This is Cindy, she is a beautiful Russian Blue breed who was found outside and rescued by S.A.L.T and is now looking for a loving and quiet home.

As you can see, Cindy has only one eye and is missing some teeth in the left side of her mouth and can only eat soft foods. After her rescue, it was discovered that Cindy has FIV and must be in a home with no other cats. FIV does not stop Cindy from living a healthy lifestyle as she is in great health and does not require any medication. Cindy will strive in a stress-free home preferably without young children.

At first Cindy is very timid and shy; however, once she warms up to you she is extremely loving and caring. Cindy loves to cuddle up on the couch and always wants to be by your side. She loves to lounge around and sleep all day but once she is comfortable and feels safe she absolutely loves to play and loves to talk especially when she wants cuddles. Given a chance, Cindy will be a great addition to your family and a loving companion.