Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Dude (10 months, Male) & Dudette (10 months, Female)

  • Dude is Male and Dudette is Female
  • They are both 10 months old, Born on August 20, 2020
  • Prefers a family with no other cats

Hi! We’re Dude (black) and Dudette (grey) and we are the best of friends.

We are a young bonded pair who were abandoned together and got very sick with sniffles (respiratory infections), but we are much healthier now! Because of what we’ve been through, we are inseparable. We love to play and cuddle together…. not to mention eat! We are very vocal when it’s dinner time and our bowls will be empty before you know it!

We are very independent so anything can be a toy to us, but we love to chase bouncy balls around the house! We are sure to keep you entertained with our shenanigans. Sometimes we have some bouts of sniffles, so therefore would do best as the only cats you have. We might be shy at first, but we guarantee to be your new best friends in no time and follow you everywhere!