Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Ginger – 4, Female

  • Female
  • 4 Years Old
  • Happy orange tabby

Hey guys!

My name is “Ginger” and I’m a 4 year old female orange tabby cat. I have the absolute cutest face and my foster parents can’t resist but give me little kisses everyday. I have no fear of anything and will walk around like I own the house when really I live rent free hehe. I know I act like I don’t really care for anything but I actually get really jealous and need to be close to my foster parents. I’d sit outside my foster parents rooms to watch over them to make sure they are being protected.Food is one of my motivators! The taste of my dry kibble is absolutely Devine and I will do anything to get access to my food bag. I’ve once ripped open my treats bag and ate half of it.

I also love rubbing against my humans and getting head/belly rubs BUT only to a certain point then I get annoyed. I don’t really play with any expensive toys my parents bought me except for strings and rubber bands, I also really love watching the birds outside and just sitting on top of my cat tree to bathe in the sun. My patience isn’t too great sometimes and I will tell you when I don’t want anymore pets but I think my cute face makes up for it! I would do best in a house with no kids and no other animals as I prefer being with only my humans.My foster parents love me dearly and want the best for me! I’ve stayed with them for quite some time so I’ve almost become like one of their permanent family members. But I am still super excited to meet me forever home and my foster parents said they will be there whenever me or my new family need help!