Liam is a bright boy who benefits from mental and physical stimulation in daily play sessions utilizing the stairs in his foster home to toss toys onto for him to chase after and cat wands to hunt the toy on the end of it.  He loves climbing and enjoys time on top of a cabinet in his foster home. He would benefit from a home that could catify the space to allow Liam to climb and perch in high places. Liam will accept gentle pets when he’s looking for attention, loves being praised, and likes being in the same space as his fosters to see what they are up to.  He’s likely to be right there while you clean the litter box and might even use it just after you finish scooping. Liam’s forever pet parents would be people interested in Liam being a full time member of their family with time to invest in his happiness. Since Liam is a smart boy, he has the potential to be a good candidate for learning some tricks, and being harness trained.  Door training on a consistent basis will be helpful as he is a door dasher in his foster home but that also might be related to having to be around other cats when he is best suited as the only cat in the house.