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Major – 5, Male

  • Male
  • 5 Years Old
  • Loves mealtimes

Major” is a very sweet boy with a great personality!

He will follow you everywhere as he loves to be a part of everything!

Sometimes, he is so happy to be with you that he purrs on his own without even being pet. He loves affection but will sometimes dodge your hand when you go to pet him. However, if it is petting time, he will let you know by tapping you with his paw, which is SUPER cute. He loves to be held like a baby, get belly rubs, and foot massages (I mean, who doesn’t). He will spend hours lounging on the couch with you and is always a great little spoon to cuddle with. Major is a big boy who loves mealtime. He will meow and meow and meow in excitement and will clean his food bowl for you. He loves any toys with bells and will scare any laser pointer that crosses his path. He is a great little guy who would be a perfect companion for anyone!