Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Shadow – 13, Male

  • Male
  • 13 years old
  • Friendly and cuddly!

Shadow– a.k.a. Mr. Cool and Mr. Calm- doesn’t get ruffled, is a shimmering grey medium-sized kitty, and has his front paws declawed!

He is content when curled up and really doesn’t bother himself over anything else going on around him. When he decides he would like to cuddle, he’ll saunter up and check out if there is room for him next to you on the couch. If there isn’t. . . he will meow to let you know, and continue as he waits until you’ve moved all aside for him! And he does it so calmly. He’ll hop up and expect the usual ear rubbing and all-over head massage as any cool kitty would!

Shadow (a.k.a. Mr. Cool and Calm) will also roll over onto his back so you can give him a good belly rub! He’s keen on watching the birds near the window and has been known to watch a mouse video every once in a while! He loves to sit curled up next to you as you hold his paw- yup he’s a hand holder! He also loves his treats- any treat- as soon as he hears a bag or can open, he comes quickly, (not too quickly though- he has a cool reputation to keep of course)! Shadow has an incredibly calm disposition, gives some noteworthy cuddles, and would be a great friend to someone solo or a family!