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ADPOTED! Shay – 8, Male

  • Male
  • 8 Years Old
  • The Perfect Gentleman

“Shay” is a great gentleman, with a playful side! He lets you know when he’s ready for breakfast with a meow and then sits up with perfect posture and patiently waits until you have time to get it for him, (although he will give you a gentle paw nudge if he feels you are taking a bit too long!). He is attentive to whatever discussion you’d like to have with him 😉 and he is also incredible tidy with his litter box.


He loves to perch and curl up close to wherever you are. He will quietly follow you to every room until he sees you finally sitting down and then he will make himself comfortable. He does have a habit of trying each blanket or pillow until he finds the one he prefers- even if you are using it!

He’s got charisma!

Shay is a friendly bloke who readily greets anyone and everyone at the door. He quickly rubs up against their ankles and expects a decent head scratch. He is calm and quiet – except when it’s playtime!

Pastimes and Hobbies

He like to play soccer with any small ball – just don’t expect him to retrieve it for you if it goes out of bounds though, (he is a cat after all).

He also enjoys playing Bathtub tag!! A contractor working in the washroom helped discover that Shay adores hopping in the bathtub and then randomly popping up to tag you with his paw.

And he also loves his scratching post!

Perfect home

Shay also has a limp from a severely broken leg that healed without being set when he was out on his own. So, he does need pain medication once per day. When he has not had any pain relief, he stays quietly in one position all day, but when he has had his medication, he is active and attentive to whatever is going on. Shay would be a wonderful addition to a family or individual. He is a gentle and kind kitty soul, content to play some ball, ask for a cuddle when he feels like it or sit with you for a good chat.