Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Spazz (5, Male) & Snook (5, Male)

  • Spazz and Snook are both Male
  • Both are 5 years old and born on March 2, 2016
  • Loves kids


SALT RESCUE is looking for a forever home for them together.

If a forever home is not found we do need to move them by May 19 to another foster home.

The foster family have done wonders for these 2 special boys as they were so terrified when we first got them.

Salt Rescue took them in as they were abandoned by the owner.

Spazz and Snook are a lovely pair of bonded male cats. They have been in foster care for a month and have stolen the foster family’s heart. The foster family has a six year old child and the cats have especially enjoyed their time with her. They love having their tummies rubbed, they love their food, and they are very clean with their litter box habits. They love cuddling with their humans on the couch during tv time. You can see in his picture, but that Snook’s fur on his rear legs and tummy is slowly growing back after experiencing hair loss.