Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Britney

  • Britney is an 11-year-old dog
  • She is friendly with other pets
  • She is looking for a quiet home with humans who can love her in her elderly years

Meet Britney!

Britney is a gentle, mature lady. Psst,- she’s 11 years old, but ladies don’t like to tell their age. Britney likes nothing better than to be next to you, on the couch or bed. She is quiet and loves peace.

Britney is friendly with other small dogs cats and lives with both in her current foster home. Britney enjoys her walks and likes to flop down in quiet subdivision streets. She eats wet and dry food and laps water until her bowl is empty. 

Like most mature ladies, her eyesight and hearing are not the best. She responds to a whistle. Britney can walk up carpeted stairs but struggles coming down. She has to be lifted up onto the couch and bed but can get down on her own. Britney has some skin issues, particularly on her tummy, that are treated with a weekly sponge bath.

Britney loves to putter around a fenced backyard. She explores in gentle sunshine or lies under a large shade tree. She gets outside throughout the day to go potty. She has some separation anxiety if left alone too long even with other pets around. She does fine if she knows people are in the house.

Britney has found her final and forever home!