Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Darby & Yara

  • Darby is around 5 months old and Yara is around 2 years old
  • They can be adopted together or seperately
  • Darby is a brown tabby and Yara is a brown and white tabby

Meet Darby and Yara! They are both sweet, affectionate tabbies. Darby is approximately 5 months old and Yara is 2 years old.

Darby and Yara were transferred from PAW Rescue in Chatham to SALT. Yara may be Darby’s mother and they’re quite attached to one another, but can be adopted separately. They would do well with companionship from other cats if adopted separately.

Darby is an affectionate little male. He still tries to nurse from Yara for comfort despite the fact she is not producing. He loves snuggles and would need another furry friend to keep him company.

Yara is a wonderful, sweet girl. She has lots of momma instincts and checks in on other kittens in the rescue.

Darby and Yara have both found their forever homes!

Yara is a white and brown tabby
Darby is an all brown tabby