Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Gretta & Graycee

  • Gretta and Graycee are a bonded pair and are looking for a home together
  • They are both female orange tabbies
  • They are approximately 1 year old

Meet Gretta & Graycee! They are both 1-year-old females looking for a home together.

This is Gretta! She has a freckle on her nose and is smaller than her sister.
This is Graycee! She is larger and more curious than her sister.

Gretta and Graycee are both sweet, calm girls who love to snuggle with each other. They enjoy playing. They’re both on the shy side in the adoption centre but are sure to open up once comfortable in a new home.

Gretta and Graycee have found their forever homes!