Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Horus & Ivan

  • Horus and Ivan are both male domestic shorthairs
  • Their birthdates are unknown at this time
  • Horus and Ivan are looking for a quiet forever home together
Ivan hanging out
Horus guarding the food

Meet Ivan & Horus! They are a bonded pair and would love to be adopted into a quiet home together.

Ivan and Horus come from a farm outside of London. The other farm cats were picking on them so they are in need of a quiet home to live out the rest of their lives in peace! Ivan and Horus keep each other company.

Ivan (black/white) is curious and affectionate. He likes his freedom and is a confident cat. He likes attention and loves to eat wet food. Ivan doesn’t mind other cats too much.

Horus (all black) is a bit more reserved compared to his companion. He would rather hang back and observe. He does enjoy chin scratches, but can be timid at times. Horus does not enjoy other cats’ company besides that of Ivan.

Horus and Ivan are best friends! They love napping together and snuggling. These two little cats have so much affection to share with their new family.

Horus and Ivan have found their forever home!