Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario


  • Lacey is approximately 5 years old
  • She is a black domestic medium hair
  • Lacey needs a home without other pets

Meet Lacey! She is a very sweet 5-year-old girl.

Lacey has been through a lot. She was rescued after her previous owners tried to surrender her for euthanasia, but she is all better now and looking for the perfect home! Even though she has experienced a lot of heartache and sadness, Lacey remains a loving and trusting companion. On her first day in her foster home, she was filled with curiosity and was eager to be cuddled and pet. 

Lacey loves to have her beautiful fur brushed—she also loves spooning! Lacey is very gentle, quiet, and exceptionally calm. 

In the mornings you can find near the closest window on her back and soaking up the sun. Lacey loves to sleep on the couch or in cozy corners in the house. When her foster parents are working at their desk, Lacey will come and sit right under the chair to keep them company. Lately, Lacey has loved watching mouse and cat videos on the T.V., and listening to relaxing, calm music. Whenever she hears a harp or soft guitar, she falls right asleep! She also loves teasing toys and anything with a feather. When napping, she likes to rest her head on her plushie like a little baby. 

There is a lot to love with Lacey, and, being on the bigger side, she needs an owner who can help her lose weight, and stay healthy. Lacey needs a home where she is the only pet. She needs an owner who can be patient, and support her like the gentle soul she is. 

Lacey has found her forever home!