Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

ADOPTED- Meow & Sissy

  • Meow and Sissy come from the same household and would like to be adopted together
  • Meow is a male domestic shorthair, all grey
  • Sissy is a female domestic shorthair, mostly grey with white paws
  • Meow and Sissy are approximately 4 years old
Sissy is in the front with the white paws, Meow is peeking from behind his adopted sister

Meet Meow & Sissy! Meow is a 4-year-old male and Sissy is a 4-year-old female.

Meow and Sissy came to SALT together. They were in a home with 2 other cats. Their previous family were facing difficult times and were forced to give up their cats.

Meow and Sissy are both timid and shy, but are very sweet. Despite not being related, these two cats love each other very much and are very excited to find a home together where they can snuggle.

Meow and Sissy have been adopted!