Cat rescue and Adoption in London Ontario

Mylo (July 19/21, Male)

  • Mylo is an Australian Shepherd
  • He is approximately 6 months old
  • He will need a patient, experienced owner/family prepared to provide diligent training

Meet Mylo! He is a 6-month-old Australian Shepherd.

Mylo was surrendered to S.A.L.T. recently. He is an intelligent, sweet dog. He is very protective and loyal to his caregiver. He is hesitant around any new people and it takes him a while to adjust to new people in his life. He needs a family who is prepared to properly socialize him.

Mylo will need an experienced family to provide training and plenty of exercise. We ask that potential adopters have a fenced-in backyard for him with plenty of room to run.

Mylo is currently in a private foster home. For more information and if interested in applying to adopt him, please call Bonnie at 519-719-7133.